Who am I?

My name is Michael van Egten, 22 years old and from the Netherlands. I was born and raised in the city Zwolle and currently living in Leeuwarden.



The thing i love about travelling is that you'll meet so many new people, with amazing stories, in places you've never been and with cultures you've never expierenced before. Besides that, you can expierence a country, rather than reading about it


I was trained as an application and web developer during my previous study, for which I gained a year and a half of expierence in that particular field of work due to the three internships that I have done, one of which, abroad in the United Kingdom.

Currently, I am studying for my Bacholer's degree in Business, on the Stenden University of Applied Sciences, where I follow the course Internation Business and Management.



Fitness is something I am passionate about, I've started working out in 2011 and have become hooked ever since. I belief that it is important to take care of your body, besides that, I just love to see the results, both in physique as in the gained strength and conditioning.


Recent Blog Posts

plane flying off in the sunset
Why did I start this blog?
October 6, 2016

Just a short article about why I started this blog. Part of the reason is that I will have to go abroad for my studies a year from now. In this article I am weighing up the options that I have and which considerations I have to make.